About Us

Founded in October 2017 and headquartered in Portugal, the aim of Mineral Fashion Store, is to provide and offer its customers an excellent service with leading brands and products in the market, both nationally and internationally.

Mineral Fashion Store belongs to Grupo Cia Brasil, representative and distributor of several internationally known brands. This group was founded in 1990 and is present both in the national market and in several European markets, where it has since put down roots and developed several projects and connections within the industry. Grupo Cia Brasil is the result of investing in great ideas that have been transformed into professional achievements and successes.


Our Brands

Cia. Marítima

Cia. Marítima is a complete brand that gives priority to the constant technological evolution of its beach lines. Every year, new fabrics, patterns and models are developed, resulting in new products such as swimsuits, bikinis, dresses and even accessories. Cia. Marítima is a reference in the world of fashion with a path full of success and glamor, using the best of international trends. A Cia Marítima product is not just a bikini or a swimsuit like many others, it is a lifestyle.


Body For Sure

Body For Sure is a pioneer and innovator in the fitness market. It was created to satisfy all customers who are looking for fitness apparel combined with comfort, style and quality. This brand is complete and can be used and abused from workouts to everyday life. It focuses entirely on details and new technological trends so that you can explore the power of moving your body in different scenarios. If you have a passion for movement, style and comfort, Body For Sure is the brand for you!



Havaianas Portugal are the perfect addition when it comes to flip flops! Made of expanded rubber, Havaianas are the combination of comfort and style in one product. Not only are these slip-ons "the world's most comfortable flip flops", they are also completely sustainable. Often, the production scraps from a pair of flip flops become another pair of Havaianas or even other products. We believe that Havaianas are the perfect match for you!


Birden Co.

Founded in São Paulo, Birden Co. takes the philosophy of surfing to another level, in addition to contemporary. The brand's creative process is idealized through various art influences, without ever losing its DNA. All collections are developed based on authenticity and sustainability. Birden Co. is not just a brand, it is the end product of the work of several artists, photographers and surfers. It is a family that pushes boundaries and conveys the essence of surfing, sport and lifestyle.


Água Doce

Founded in 1999, Água Doce focuses on a relaxed style and uses the knowledge acquired over the years to develop products with innovative fabrics and high quality. The essence of the brand is color, joy and sustainability, while remaining young and up to date. Agua Doce is the perfect blend of styles such as boho, hippie and modern surf and always manages to present a "fresher" version of beach fashion. Each piece makes us feel the moments when we breathe the beach and the heat.


Butterfly Twists

Butterfly Twists are designed for active and modern women who need comfortable shoes in their everyday life, but at the same time they go with any outfit. The insoles of these ballerinas feature memory foam to provide the comfort you need with every step. The inside of the Butterfly Twists is covered with a fabric that helps absorb moisture and reduce odor. In the midst of so many models, the hardest thing to do is to choose!